If you always suffer from that the homepage of your browser is frequently transferred to another unknown website, Groovorio.com may have already implanted into your computer. This threat is fond of changing your homepage into the unwanted homepage. It also tends to make some changes or modifications on your computer to realize its motivation and third party’s bad purposes. Besides, it can tail after your browsing operations and send the valuable information to hackers. Its main purpose is to try to gain financial benefit from you. Do you want to remove it quickly? Please follow the removal guide.



Brief Introduction of Groovorio.com:


Groovorio.com is a browser hijacker that can affect most web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. If your computer gets infected with the browser hijacker, the default homepage may be changed to the unwanted site without your authorization. Sometimes, the default search engine may be replaced with another engine that you are not familiar.




The pest hijacks your browsers and shows many sponsored links and ads in the search results in an effort to make profits while you are searching for something. But those ads displayed by it don’t provide users much useful information and they only consume the system resources and slow down both the browser performance and computer speed. You must feel annoyed when seeing those unwanted ads and sponsored links.

Moreover, the browser hijacker may force you to visit the websites that contain Trojans, rootkits or other cyber infections which may be able to download and install themselves automatically. It is risky because cyber criminals often exploit those threats to attack the PCs. Under the circumstances, the pest may spy on your browsing activities and send your personal information, such as online bank details, to cyber criminals. You are recommended to remove Groovorio.com from the computer as soon as possible to prevent further damages.


How Can Groovorio.com Attack Your PC?


There are many ways which such browser hijacker could be able to attack the computer. Usually, it will be added to computers through free downloads especially the executable processes. If you don’t check the installation, unwanted stuff may be installed without your notice. So users are advised to read agreements carefully and chose Custom installation while installing new software. Moreover, it can be distributed as spam e-mail attachments, freeware, adware, or even malware.



Activities Performed by Groovorio.com


Causing unwanted browser redirections: This browser hijacker modifies your browser settings and attempts to redirect you to various dubious websites. However, no one can ensure that the websites that you are redirected to are safe to browse. That is to say, you might be redirected to some malicious websites. Some websites may have been hacked by cyber criminals and contain malicious codes of all types of malware. There is a big possibility that you get malware downloaded onto your computer when browsing such websites.

Deliver lots of ads in the search results: When you do a search using the search engine, you will be shown many ads in the search results. The number of those ads may occupy 2/3 of the search results. This redirect virus can help increase the exposure rate of the promoted products by showing the related ads in the search results. If you let this browser hijacker stay on your computer, you will keep receiving so many ads while searching the web. Besides, your computer performance may be decreased, since the redirect virus will consume many system resources. Hence, it is highly recommended to remove Groovorio.com from your PC quickly.

Tracking browser cookies and record online data: Some users reflect that the ads shown to them are related to their recent search terms. They suspect that the redirect virus collects their search queries. In fact, this redirect virus collects more data than you can imagine. If you use the search engine to do some searching, the redirect virus will record your search terms and the websites you visit. Worse more, it can record the information you put into the websites, including your usernames and passwords. Once that information is transmitted to the cyber hackers, you may suffer from money loss.


How to Remove Groovorio.com From Your PC Completely?


Solution One: Remove Groovorio.com Automatically


Use SpyHunter to Perform a scan


SpyHunter detects many kinds of threats, including browser hijackers, adware, Trojan virus, potential unwanted programs and other malicious files and folders.



Follow the install wizard and click on Finish button when it is done. SpyHunter will run automatically soon.



SpyHunter will automatically run and scan the entire system for detecting threats.It takes a few minutes if you have stored many programs, files, folders and other data on computer.


Once all threats are listed in scan result, click “Fix threats” to remove all infections and malware from computer quickly.



Note: SpyHunter can help you free scan the threats on the PC, but you need to purchase its full version to fully clear the infections.

Restart your computer if you are required by SpyHunter.

Use Plumbytes anti-malware to Perform a scan


download-iconClick here to download Plumbytes anti-malware

Run the antimalwaresetup.exe which can be downloaded from the link above and follow the instructions on the screen to install it on the PC. This tool can be installed quickly within a seconds.



When the installation is completed, Plumbytes anti-malware will scan your system automatically. The scanning need to take about several minutes. Please don’t stop the scanning while the process is on going, otherwise the step fail.



When the scanning is completed, detected computer threats and their threat level will be displayed in a list.



Select the target computer threat or select all computer threat by checking Select All option, and then click on Remove Selected button.



To successfully remove the detected items, please activate the full version of Plumbytes anti-malware first. Then you will be able to remove Groovorio.com Virus and other infections thoroughly.

Restart your computer if you are required by Plumbytes anti-malware.


Solution Two: Remove Groovorio.com Manually


Step 1 : End the processes related to the browser hijacker.

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete together to open Task Manager.



Click “Processes” tab to find out and end the process related to Groovorio.com.



Step 2 : Remove it from the control panel.

Click on Start button, go to Control Panel.


Open programs list by clicking on Uninstall a Program.


Find out Groovorio.com, select it and click Uninstall button.



Step 3 : Show hidden files and folders.

Click the Start button go to Control Panel.



Click on Appearance and Personalization to select Folder Options.



Click the View tab, select “Show hidden files and folders”, deselect “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” and then click “Apply” to confirm the changes.



Step 4 : Find out and delete Groovorio.com associated files listed below:

%UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\[random].exe
%User Profile%\Local Settings\Temp
%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Groovorio.com
%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\Groovorio.com
%Program Files%\Groovorio.com
C:\ProgramData\[random numbers]\


Tip: To follow removal guide that mentioned above, basic computer knowledge is needed. Still can’t get out of Groovorio.com? Install the removal tool now!



Step 5: Reset Your Browsers


Google Chrome
Click on 3-bar button and open Tools menu, and then select settings option.



Scroll down the settings page, and click show advance settings


Down to the bottom and click reset settings


Click reset on the new window to confirm


Close all tabs once Chrome settings are reset to default


Mozilla Firefox


Click main settings menu on homepage, select tools option at the menu bar and choose Troubleshooting Information option



Click on reset Firefox on the new tab




Click on refresh Firefox again to confirm


Close all tabs once Firefox settings are restored to default


Internet Explorer
Click main settings button at the top right corner on homepage, select internet options


Click Advanced option on internet options window and then click reset button



Then click reset again to continue




Close all tabs once IE settings are reset to default

Step 6 : Delete the registry entries of the browser hijacker.


Press Windows Key + R on keyboard to open Run dialogue box, and then type “regedit” in the box to open Registry Editor.



On top bar, click on Edit and then select Find…



Type “Groovorio.com” in the box and then click Find Next button to search for relevant entries.



After that, find out and remove the registry entries of the browser hijacker listed below.


How to Prevent Your PC From Groovorio.com infection


Users should be careful when they go to unreliable websites and download freeware or shareware. Such sponsored websites are filled with unwanted contents including pop-up ads, instant messages, freeware update message, fake security warning and other unprotected links. Hence, users are advised not to click on unknown links and pop-up windows, which may automatically bring malware into your computer. Moreover, you should enter different username and set strong password and while you are registering. To prevent your computer from malware attack, it is advised to install extensions that block unwanted pop-ups and automatic downloads.

In general, Groovorio.com gets into your computer with bundled package. Hence, to get away from being infected with the threat in this way, you should not download any software from strange third-party websites, because they often contain malicious links and ads. Even though you want to download software, you should choose more safe websites and click on real download button. In addition, you can download an anti-malware tool to assist you in blocking malware.


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