I wanted to remove Web-start.org which hijacked my web browsers, Firefox and Chrome. I tried various ways that can be found on Google to stop it from showing up on browsers. But none of them worked. I tried resetting the browser settings, did not work. What else do I need to do? Any help will be appreciated!




More Information About Web-start.org

Web-start.org is a browser hijacker which makes use of other installers to infected target computers. The goal of Web-start.org, like many other browser hijackers, is to alter browser settings and make its domain to be default homepage. We could not see any difference at the beginning if we do not open the infected web browsers. But as long as we open the homepage of web browser, we may find that the homepage will be automatically redirected to a new page. Browser hijacker is a common problem for millions of computer users. Even if users turn on windows firewall all the time, they might have browser hijacker trouble after downloading some free installers from risky websites. Some users may probably known browser hijacker is a threat that aims at changing web browses settings and can affect their experience of browsing. But users should know that some browser hijacker can also infect computer system through introducing third party threats. Web-start.org is able to alter the browser settings like homepage which means that it can force users to visit unwanted pages. If any web browser is infected, it will be hard for users to search what they want. The infect of web browser can contribute to poor system performance as when it introduces other threats to computer, the system will load slowly as many processes are running underground.




Being an expert at browser hijacker really pays off. But even experienced users can not make sure all browser hijackers can be stopped at the beginning once they attach to other installers. And one of the reasons why it is hard to stop browser hijacker from installing is because a lot of users do not have any awareness about avoiding unwanted bundles, or uncheck additives when installing programs. So it is quite easy for Web-start.org browser hijacker to sneak onto target computer and then change browser settings without permission. Nothing will infect browsing activities like being hijacked by Web-start.org virus. So, really, it is super annoying that once this browser hijacker forces users to visit malicious websites and shows unrelated search results. Not only will this bring users more closer to computer threats, but it will make the infected computer more vulnerable. So many weird changes on computer are due to being hijacked by browser hijacker. Letting it modify settings is to weak computer security as other threats will take the change to attack system through the internet. As more and more troubles pile up, user’s ability to deal with them will be compromised.

Web-start.org browser hijacker will change the homepage and search page to its domain. Even it domain is not dangerous to visit, the search results it provides are not safe.


Remove Web-start.org


The Risks of Web-start.org Browser Hijacker

The first thing Web-start.org browser hijacker will do is to change the default browser settings in order to force users to visit its website. After changing the settings to its domain, it will reduce the internet security options and introduces other threats to system. By redirecting users to other websites, it is able to promote other websites, products and contents. What is more, this browser hijacker will show some fake search results, aiming at tricking users to click on them. Once any malicious content is clicked, it makes users automatically get access to other pages. Some pf these pages may promote third party products. Some will contain unhealthy contents. Others may provide dangerous downloads with computer virus attached. As a results, the infected computer will be put into danger. Due to the random redirection, victims will lose their control over browsing. Even users try to search for solutions, they will fail in the end as browser hijacker will block some computer security websites. Just like other types of threats, browser hijacker will slow down system performance when it is running, leading to high CPU. Additionally, potential unwanted new bookmarks and favorites will be added to the existing list in affected web browsers.

How Does Web-start.org Sneak Onto Computer

Web-start.org malware always gets installed on target computer through attaching to other installers. This is why most users do not realize the installation of it and only notice the infection after finding the changes of browser settings. This lead to dangerous situation that users who are not familiar with additional bundles. For example, users do not know the distribution of Web-start.org will not have the sense of checking checkbox when they download and install new programs from the internet. Simply add the installer of Web-start.org to other free programs is a common method used by its developers. The probability that a certain user will get computer hacked by Web-start.org virus is not independent of what is downloaded recently. It seems as though most users get web browsers hijacked by this threat after clicking on pop up ads, downloading free programs and visiting unknown web pages. Besides the download of insecure resources and clicks of unsafe pop up contents, some browser hijacker still can be deliver to computer through file share, a drive by download and even an infected email. Unlike Web-start.org browser hijacker, some other browser hijackers still can get installed on web browsers as additional extension. As long as the installer it attaches to is downloaded, the installation code of Web-start.org virus will be downloaded at the same time without being known. The installation of Web-start.org will be activated once users install the carriers.

It is always important to use the right tool for removing Web-start.org browser hijacker once you do not know how to get rid of Web-start.org manually. If you need a professional tool, please click to download SpyHunter.

Remove Web-start.org


How To Remove Web-start.org Browser Hijacker

You should remove Web-start.org browser hijacker from computer completely once it is found on computer. There are many things to do if you want to get rid of Web-start.org manually. For different users, following will provide two solutions. The auto-fix guide is for inexperienced users and the manual guide is for skillful users.

Option one. Remove Web-start.org browser hijacker with SpyHunter
Option two. Get rid of Web-start.org virus manually

Option one. Remove Web-start.org browser hijacker with SpyHunter

SpyHunter detects many kinds of threats, including browser hijackers, adware, Trojan virus, potential unwanted programs and other malicious files and folders.

download spyhunter

Follow the install wizard and click on Finish button when it is done. SpyHunter will run automatically soon.run

SpyHunter will automatically run and scan the entire system for detecting threats.It takes a few minutes if you have stored many programs, files, folders and other data on computer.


Once all threats are listed in scan result, click “Fix threats” to remove all infections and malware from computer quickly.


Note: SpyHunter can help you free scan the threats on the PC, but you need to purchase its full version to fully clear the infections.

Option two. Get rid of Web-start.org virus manually

Main steps:
Step one. Uninstall suspicious and unwanted programs from system
Step two. Delete malicious links from web browsers
Step three. Reset web browsers settings to default (Optional)
Step four. Clear browser properties settings
Step five. Locate and delete malicious registry entries
Step six. Clean all traces and leftovers

Note: if you are not familiar with deleting system files and removing malicious link from web browser, you should try using auto-fix tool to avoid mistaken deletion and removal. If you still want to use the manual removal solution, you should back up all crucial data first.

Step one. Uninstall suspicious and unwanted programs from system
Many browser hijackers are delivered through the net by attaching to free installers. It means that you may get Web-start.org browser hijacker installed on computer when you download its carrier. As no one can sure which program is the carrier of browser hijacker, the best way to find is to check all installed programs on computer, especially new program that is downloaded recently.

Windows XP:
click Start and then click Control Panel.

Choose “add or remove programs” categorycontrol-panel-xp

Note: If your computer is set up in Classic view using the more familiar Start menu, click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.control-panel-xp-2

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “remove”

Windows 7 or Vista:
Click the Start button, select Control Panel from the list in the right margin.win-7-control

Select “uninstall a program” optioncontrol-panel-7

Note: If your computer is set up in Classic view using the more familiar Start menu, type control in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu and then click Control Panel when it appears in the list above.windows7-uninstall-a-program

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall”

Windows 8 or 8.1:
swipe up to switch to the Apps screen first, and then swipe or scroll to the right and find the Windows System categorywindows8_search-control-panel

Tap or click on the Control Panel icon under Windows System

Windows 8 will switch to the Desktop and open the Control Panel.remove-suspicious-programs-from-windows-8

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall/change”

Windows 10:

Tap or click the Start button and then All apps.windows8_search-control-panel

Note: If you’re on a Windows 10 tablet or other touch-screen, and not using the Desktop, tap instead the All apps button on the bottom-left of your screen. It’s the icon that looks like the small list of items.

Tap or click the Windows System folder. You’ll probably need to scroll all the way down the list of apps to see it.programs-features-windows-10windows-8-uninstall-programs

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall”


Step two. Delete malicious links from web browsers
As the homepage is hijacked by Web-start.org, you should delete its link completely. Not only homepage, you should check all settings one by one like start up page, search page, search engine and the new tab setting.

Google Chrome
Open homepage, click main settings icon at the top right corner, select settings optionsettings

Go to settings page and then click set pages under on start up sectionop-setpages

Remove Web-start.org from list by clicking “X” buttonset-pages-x

Click “OK” to save the deletion and close windowchrome-setpages

Continue clicking on change option under appearance sectionchrome-change

Remove Web-start.org link from listchange-x

Click “OK” to save the changechange-ok

Mozilla Firefox

Open the homepage of Firefox, click main icon at the top right corner. Select “options” from listoptions

Remove Web-start.org link from homepage section and then click restore to default button

Internet Explorer

Open homepage of IE, click main settings menu and select internet optionsinternet-options

Delete Web-start.org link from homepage and click use default option and then click “OK” to saveie-homepage

Close this window

Step three. Reset web browsers settings to default (Optional)
Resetting web browser settings to default is not necessary if you find all web browsers are clean and you do not get Web-start.org pop up on homepage once you open browser. But if this browser hijacker still keep popping up again and again after deleting malicious links, you should try resetting browser settings to default because you may miss some malicious link.

Google Chrome
Click main settings menu from homepage, select settings optionsettings

Scroll down the settings page, and click show advance settingsshow advance settings

Down to the bottom and click reset settingsreset settings

Click reset on the new window to confirmreset

Close all tabs once Chrome settings are reset to default

Mozilla Firefox

Click main settings menu on homepage, select tools option at the menu bar and choose troubleshooting optionfirefox-troubleshooting-information

Click reset Firefox on the new tabreset firefox

Click refresh Firefox again to confirmreset firefox 2

Close all tabs once Firefox settings are restored to default

Internet Explorer
Click main settings button at the top right corner on homepage, select internet optionsie-internet-options

Click advance option on internet options window

Click reset buttonadvance


Then click reset again to continue


Close all tabs once IE settings are reset to default

Step four. Clear browser properties settings
Once a browser hijacker is added to browsers, it will also add its link to properties settings which users usually forgive checking.

Google Chrome
Right click on Chrome icon on desktop, select “properties” option12

Remove the malicious link which is added after “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”gc-properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save7

Mozilla Firefox
Right click on Mozilla Firefox icon on desktop, select “properties” option7

Remove the malicious link which is added after “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save25

Internet Explorer

Right click on Internet Explorer icon on desktop, select “properties” option111

Remove the malicious link which is added after“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save3

Step five. Locate and delete malicious registry entries

Click start icon and search “regedit” on search box6

Click regedit.exe in search results, then the registry editor will pop up5

Click “edit” and then select “find” optionfind

Put Need4search.com into search box and click “find next” to search related stringsfind

Delete the strings found in results

Repeat the “find” and then “delete” step till no related string is found

Step six. Clean all traces and leftovers

If you follow the manual removal guide, you should download the tool below to scan system for checking malicious traces and leftovers which you can not find manually.

Click to download auto tool belwowdownload spyhunter

Follow the installation steps and completely install SpyHunter on computerrun

Run SpyHunter and scan the entire computer. It make take a few minutes if you have saved a large amount of programs and items on computer.Scan-Computer-Now

Click “Fix threats” to remove all malicious threatsFix-Threats

Note: You need to buy the full version of SpyHunter if you want to use it to remove threats.

Want to Remove Web-start.org Easily?

Sometimes the manual removal solution will not take affect. Under this situation, a professional removal tool is needed. he reason why you fail may be that you have not clean all traces or reset related settings. When this browser hijacker is installed, it must have installed some relevant codes, registry entries and hidden files on system. These files and codes are not easy to be found by users because users can not open and check all folders stored on computer. Thus, the fastest and most effective way to completely remove Web-start.org is to download the auto-fix tool which can automatically scan all files and folders as well as registry entries on computer one by one within minutes.

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