I have my computer infected by StartSearch.org search page virus which does not let me to use default search page like Google or Yahoo in any web browser, including Firefox, Chrome and IE. It also generates and redirects me to some ad websites and third party spam websites. How can I reset Google as default? Do I need to download some tools? If so, which one is recommended?




Basic Information About StartSearch.org

Startsearch, or StartSearch.org, is search tool which provides online search function. You can set tits search page as homepage, start up page and search page. Unlike other malicious search site which collect sensitive personal information on or through their websites, StartSearch.org may only record the details provided by you in connection with the registration process. Most of the search websites which offer online search will use cookies on their websites, so does StartSearch.org. The cookies this website collects are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. By collecting the cookies, it helps to make web-surfing easier by saving preferences and browsing patterns while you are at Startsearch’s Site. This website promises that the cookies it collects will only be used for analyzing site usage, improve content, customize the Site’s content and layout and for other customer service purposes. What it will ensure is that it will no use any cookies relate to personal information. Besides recording cookies from website, this search site also may automatically receives and records certain non-personally identifiable information on its server logs from your browser, including your IP address, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), cookie information, and the webpage that a user visits. This search site collects non-personally identifiable information for general purposes, including but not limited to analyzing trends, administering the site, tracking user movements, conducting research, and providing anonymous reporting to internal and external clients. The personal information like e-mail addresses, will not be linked by this website.




The unknown web page which is added to web browser – whether malicious or not – may not enhance browsing experience but will affect users instead for most of them are added without permission. What is more, the data also shows that some malicious search page is categorized as browser hijacker which will hijack web browser for purpose. With the changes of homepage or search page, the infected web browser will be out of control. What browser hijacker will do to the infected web browser is that it will make use of web browser to collect sensitive information about users. Some of browser hijackers are like information collecting tool, which will record browsing details like recent visited page, browsing history, search keywords and other data that relate to your browsing activities. One of the bad things about being infected by a browser hijacker is that when you have this problem, you are not able to appeal for help and you will be forced to visit its website again and again.



The Reason Why We Need To Remove StartSearch.org

As we have previously noted, browser hijacker will harm your computer systems and spy on your browsing activities: they tend to be used for collecting personal details—even they will sell personal details to third parties. These browser hijackers and redirect virus like StartSearch.org are completely normal, and in fact, they are very common that they can be added to target computers through making use of other installers. However, there are ways to get installed by hiding behind other programs. Before you know it, you will be tricked by its installation if you do not check the installer. Remember that engaging in a browser hijacker infection is dangerous since what you do online will be spied. The information you upload to the internet will be recorded by browser hijackers. In order to force you to visit its website and use its search page, browser hijacker will not only hijack web browser but also block the browser setting, making you unable to remove it completely.


steal information



StartSearch.org, which is also regarded as browser hijacker, will bring inconvenience to computer users since it changes the settings without permission. In other words, it forcibly modify browser settings without asking for permission like other browser hijackers. Besides, browser hijackers also have the ability to change system settings, such as adding its program to start up list. What is more, some browser hijackers will introduce other installers and programs to infected computer for the purpose of promoting third parties. Once you do not remind yourself of the infection of browser hijacker and start using its search page to browse, you will fall into its trap. The search results provided by browser hijackers will contain pop up ads. According to the recent survey conducted by computer experts, browser hijacker like StartSearch.org is not advised to keep for searching as it will harm computers.


How to Avoid Browser Hijacker

Sometimes when we are downloading third party programs it can be really difficult to find what other installers will be installed. We may have a bad habit that we usually do not check the bundles but click “next” and “next” mechanically for quickly finishing the installation. Avoiding being hacked by browser hijacker is extremely important as it will help us stay away from data theft. Users make mistakes all the time, especially when downloading third parties from the internet. Do not be tricked by unwanted programs when they act like part of other installers. Once you have the chance to check its chechbox, do check all items one by one to avoid additional bundles. Once you have started downloading, do not be afraid to be hacked as there are many ways to staying away from infections.





Most of time browser hijackers will be attached to other installers through hiding in checkbox. You need to check all installers if you have any question. Additional bundles can be uncheck and once they are selected to not be installed, their installations will be stopped at the beginning. It is a great idea to download software from its official website. But you should always note that even the official website will attach third party installers to their software if its developers have come to a agreement to others. This is a great way to make money and most developers will agree to add other third parties to their products.

For the safety of your computer, you should get rid of StartSearch.org redirect virus completely.

How to Remove StartSearch.org Easily

Automatic Way: Remove StartSearch.org by using SpyHunter
The automatic way is offered to inexperienced users who do not have any computer skill or do not know how to delete StartSearch.org from web browser and clean leftovers. Using removal tool to get rid of StartSearch.org browser hijacker does not require any skill. All you need to do is to install SpyHunter on your computer. Then it will automatically run and scan the entire system to detect all suspicious threats. You are able to remove StartSearch.org with only several clicks.


download spyhunter

Follow the install wizard and click on Finish button when it is done. SpyHunter will run automatically soon.run

SpyHunter will automatically run and scan the entire system for detecting threats.It takes a few minutes if you have stored many programs, files, folders and other data on computer.


Once all threats are listed in scan result, click “Fix threats” to remove all infections and malware from computer quickly.


Note: SpyHunter can help you free scan the threats on the PC, but you need to purchase its full version to fully clear the infections.

Manual Way: Get rid of StartSearch.org manually
Reminder: the manual removal method is not safe for inexperienced to use. If you do not have the confidence to locate and delete registry entries, you should not try the manual removal to avoid mistaken deletion, which will lead to further damage. Click to get rid of StartSearch.org virus easily.

Main steps:

Step one. Uninstall suspicious programs from computer
Step two. Change Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera settings
Step three. Reset web browsers settings to default (Optional)
Step four. Locate and delete malicious registry entries
Step five. Clean all traces and leftovers


Step one. Uninstall suspicious programs from computer

As many browser hijackers are downloaded along with other programs like PUPs, adware and unknown software from insecure websites, we should uninstall all possible carriers of this browser hijacker first. Does not like other program, browser hijacker is a threat that hijacks web browser, it does not have a build-in uninstaller even it may have a related program installed on computer.

Windows XP:
click Start and then click Control Panel.control-panel-xp

Choose “add or remove programs” categorycontrol-panel-xp-2

Note: If your computer is set up in Classic view using the more familiar Start menu, click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.removeprogramwinxp

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “remove”

Windows 7 or Vista:
Click the Start button, select Control Panel from the list in the right margin.control-panel-xp

Select “uninstall a program” optioncontrol-panel-7

Note: If your computer is set up in Classic view using the more familiar Start menu, type control in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu and then click Control Panel when it appears in the list above.remove-suspicious-programs-from-windows-8

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall”

Windows 8 or 8.1:
swipe up to switch to the Apps screen first, and then swipe or scroll to the right and find the Windows System categorywin-7-control

Tap or click on the Control Panel icon under Windows System

Windows 8 will switch to the Desktop and open the Control Panel.remove-suspicious-programs-from-windows-8

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall/change”

Windows 10:

Tap or click the Start button and then All apps.win8-uninstall-step-2

Note: If you’re on a Windows 10 tablet or other touch-screen, and not using the Desktop, tap instead the All apps button on the bottom-left of your screen. It’s the icon that looks like the small list of items.

Tap or click the Windows System folder. You’ll probably need to scroll all the way down the list of apps to see it.programs-features-windows-10

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall”
Step two. Change Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera settings

Google Chrome
Open homepage, click main settings icon at the top right corner, select settings optionsettings

Go to settings page and then click set pages under on start up sectionset-pagesRemove StartSearch.org from list by clicking “X” buttonset-pages-xClick “OK” to save the deletion and close windowchrome-setpagesContinue clicking on change option under appearance sectionchrome-changeRemove StartSearch.org link from “open this page” listchange-xClick “OK” to save the changechange-ok

Right click on Chrome icon on desktop, select “properties” option12

Remove the malicious StartSearch.org link which is added after “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”ff-properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save7

Mozilla Firefox

Open the homepage of Firefox, click main icon at the top right corner. Select “options” from listoptions

Remove StartSearch.org link from homepage section and then click restore to default buttonrestore-to-default

Right click on Mozilla Firefox icon on desktop, select “properties” option7

Remove the malicious StartSearch.org link which is added after “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”ff-properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save25

Internet Explorer

Open homepage of IE, click main settings menu and select internet optionsie-internet-options

Delete StartSearch.org link from homepage and click use default option and then click “OK” to save

Right click on Internet Explorer icon on desktop, select “properties” option111

Remove the malicious link which is added after“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”ie-properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save3
Step three. Reset web browsers settings to default (Optional)

Google Chrome
Click main settings menu from homepage, select settings optionsettings

Scroll down the settings page, and click show advance settingsshow advance settings

Down to the bottom and click reset settingsreset settings

Click reset on the new window to confirmreset

Close all tabs once Chrome settings are reset to default

Mozilla Firefox

Click main settings menu on homepage, select tools option at the menu bar and choose troublesshooting option

Click reset Firefox on the new tabreset firefox

Click refresh Firefox again to confirmreset firefox 2

Close all tabs once Firefox settings are restored to default

Internet Explorer
Click main settings button at the top right corner on homepage, select internet optionsinternet options

Click advance option on internet options window and Click reset buttonadvance


Then click reset again to continuereset

Close all tabs once IE settings are reset to default
Step four. Locate and delete malicious registry entries

Open computer, put StartSearch.org into seasrch box.

search folers

Delete all items which are found after searching

delete files

close window
Step five. Clean all traces and leftovers

Click start icon and search “regedit” on search box6

Click regedit.exe in search results, then the registry editor will pop up5

Click “edit” and then select “find” optionfind

Put StartSearch.org into search box and click “find next” to search related stringsfind

Delete the strings found in results

registry delete

Repeat the “find” and then “delete” step till no related string is found

Can Not Remove StartSearch.org Manually?

Click to download effective removal tool below. Sometimes the manual removal guide does not take effect on getting rid of StartSearch.org virus once you have not completely deleted all related files, folders, codes and registry entries.




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