Does your Google Chrome, IE or Firefox being infected by Fail to delete it from the infected browser? Being in a bad mood and still trying to find the effective solution? Learn to remove this redirect from your computer by reading the below post carefully.

More about belongs to browser hijacker which is also considered to be potential unwanted program. It can sneak into the target computer silently and infect Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers. Generally, such redirect makes use of freeware and shareware as FLV Player, 1ClickDownloader, PDF Creator which can be easily downloaded from the internet. It causes homepage modification on the infected computer after invasion.

As a matter of fact, this browser virus is designed to make monetary benefits from pop up ads related to your browsing behavior. It tempts to trick you into clicking those ads and then redirect you to some sponsored sites. After that,it can make money or trigger traffic via your visits and purchase. Moreover, it gathers your browsing history and other valuable information so as to generate related pop ups. Hence, you would better get rid of when any trace of it is found.

What will do

1.It alters the default start page as well as popping up ads.
2.It make you get access to malicious sites, replaces search engine and redirect you to unwanted pages.
3.It traces your recent browsing sites and analyzes your favorites.
4.It copies your IP address, search keywords and other crucial information to help hackers for malicious use.
5.It makes your computer be more easier to attack.

Ways Uses to Invade Your PC

The redirect virus is usually distributed through different ways which you can not imagine.
1. It can be delivered via internet script from malicious porn and free downloads.
2. It can be implanted onto spam email attachments, video players as well as social network servers.
3. It can be embedded to commercial ads/pop ups, insecure sires and unsafe files from the internet which you go to visit everyday.

How to Remove From Your Computer

Note: the manual removal method requires certian level of computer skills. If you do not have any experiences, please download professional removal tool and follow the auto-fix guide to secure your computer.




Manual removal guide for experienced users:

Step 1 :
Start Task manager, by selecting Ctrl+Alt+Delete simultaneously.


After doing so, block all malicious processes related to executing inside PC.

Step 2 :
Search all malicious file existing inside system and remove it. ie.

%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\ virus
%program files %\internet explorer\\[random].mof
%program files (x86)%\ \
%programData%\suspicious folders\
%AppData%[malware program name]toolbar uninstallStatIE.dat
%app data%\ virus\

Step 3 :
Now, select start menu, type run inside it. press regedit command inside run box. type-regedit

Then select OK button. Delete all malicious registries entries from here.


Step 4

Reset Browser(Chrome, Firefox and IE), if still present inside system
Reset Mozilla FireFox

1. Start browser(Firefox) Menu option >> select “Open Help Menu” button >> go to Troubleshooting Information button:


2. Select Refresh Mozilla Firefox option >> click Finish.



Reset Google Chrome settings
1. Goto browser Chrome Menu option >> select Settings


2. Inside search box, press “reset setting” >> now, go to “Reset settings” option:



3. Press Reset button.


(Notes: Once after resetting browser, your entire confidential personal data like Bookmarks or Passwords will not be deleted. Means resetting only delete your Chrome settings, extensions, cookies, home page, history, default search engine to remove all malicious files related to )
Reset Internet Explorer settings
1. Open browser(IE) >> select the gear menu option, now goto Internet options.


2. Goto Advanced tab >> Select Reset button.


Ways to Prevent from Entering

After learning the detail of redirect virus, we continue to learn some protection tips for securing computer system. You should be careful when you are surfing the internet as we have mentioned above that this redirect threat sneak onto computer system by using the third party downloads from the internet, which states that any downloads you perform will lead to the attack of such virus. Never ignore the bundled plugins come with free programs and do not make mistake to click on those random pop ups as coupons and online sales. Avoid clicking commercial links jump out on your search results and do not continue downloading any suspicious programs. Do install official programs from high reputation sites and its official sites and improve your safety conscious. Read the terms when you are installing new applications and do be careless to choose the installation options.


The rapid development of technology to defense virus, it makes it harder for inventing new virus. However, the criminals will make another way to make more computer infections bu using third party programs as redirect and BHO knowledge. Users should be more careful to avoid those malicious programs which have been totally modified by criminals.

It is a wise choice to remove this threat as soon as possible. As it is mentioned above, this threat can do some dangerous activities and lead to bad consequences. Unfortunately, the files related to this threat keep changing the names. Removing it manually requires some computer skills to locate all the files and remove them.



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