I’m having trouble with “Queryexplorer.com”- some kind of malware which sets itself as my start page no matter how many times I reset my start page to my original- google.ca. Unluckily, all three of my browsers Google Chrome, IE and Firefox were affected. I reset IE and Chrome and they worked normally again. But Firefox still has the problem. My MSE seem to be unable to solve this problem. I tried on my own to remove this browser hijacker to no avail and I am currently searching for an effective way to fix this. And can anyone suggest a way to remove the unwanted site from Firefox and get my default homepage back?

Re: I am sorry to hear that your computer gets infected with the browser hijacker. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to solve the problem. Please follow the removal guide and remove the browser hijacker.

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What is Queryexplorer.com?


Queryexplorer.com is considered as a browser hijacker or potentially unwanted program. It may affect users’ web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and change the default homepage, search engine and other settings without permission. Similar to Scangoogle.ru, Cleanserp.net and Trotux.com, this browser hijacker appears as an improved search engine which claims to enhance users’ web browsing experience. It indeed enables users to search for information by offering a search box in the center of the website. However, when you type some keywords in the search box and start to search, nothing related to what you searched for will be displayed in the search results. There are many suggested keywords displayed there, but clicking on any of them show the same search results – nothing. Computer users are not advised to use the search engine.




Browser hijackers are generated to boost web traffic and display advertising. The browser hijacker modifies the browser settings and forces you to visit its site every time you start the affected browser. Sometimes, it may also inject advertisements into some web pages you visit. Clicking on those pop-up ads or links may lead to unwanted browser redirections or installation. In this way, its creators can make money from pay-per-link revenue.
These disadvantages of the browser hijacker are obvious. Moreover, the website may collect your personal data such as your search queries and send it to third parties for commercial purposes. Many advertisements based on your interests will be delivered to you. However, it is not safe to reach these websites through the search engine because it may keep track of your browsing history and collect your information which may result in personal data violation. Therefore, you are recommended to remove the browser hijacker without hesitation.


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How Does Queryexplorer.com Arrive On Your PC?


The site mainly comes via freeware or shareware installers aiming to hijack many browsers rather than provide good service. Even though computer users can’t know which software contain the fake search engine, they still have a chance to stop malware installation. At first, you should avoid choosing the Standard or Complete installation mode. And then you need to unselect unwanted items that contain the fake search engine. In addition, you should read the use agreement carefully. If you can’t agree these requirements of the software, you should give up installing it. When your computer gets infected with the browser hijacker, try using the removal instruction below.


Reasons to remove Queryexplorer.com:


Users’ default search engine and homepage will be replaced with the browser hijacker without your consent. As long as you use the search engine, you can’t avoid leaving your traces on the Internet. At that time, the infection collects and records your information such as IP address, account or identifier number. So, it is a not reliable search engine. There’s nothing important than protect your privacy while surfing the Internet. If you have found the browser hijacker, you’d better remove it as soon as possible.


The manual removal is not for everyone because it includes some complicated steps. If you are a computer beginner, it is a better option to download and use a removal tool to remove the browser hijacker automatically.





How to Remove Queryexplorer.com Browser Hijacker


You should remove Queryexplorer.com browser hijacker from computer completely once it is found on computer. There are many things to do if you want to get rid of it manually. For different users, following will provide two solutions. The auto-fix guide is for inexperienced users and the manual guide is for skillful users.


Option one. Remove Queryexplorer.com browser hijacker with SpyHunter
Option two. Get rid of Queryexplorer.com virus manually

Option one. Remove Queryexplorer.com browser hijacker with SpyHunter

SpyHunter detects many kinds of threats, including browser hijackers, adware, Trojan virus, potential unwanted programs and other malicious files and folders.



Follow the install wizard and click on Finish button when it is done. SpyHunter will run automatically soon.


SpyHunter will automatically run and scan the entire system for detecting threats.It takes a few minutes if you have stored many programs, files, folders and other data on computer.



Once all threats are listed in scan result, click “Fix threats” to remove all infections and malware from computer quickly.



Note: SpyHunter can help you free scan the threats on the PC, but you need to purchase its full version to fully clear the infections.

Option two. Get rid of Queryexplorer.com virus manually

Main steps:
Step ⅠDelete malicious links from web browsers
Step Ⅱ Reset web browsers settings to default (Optional)
Step Ⅲ Clear browser properties settings
Step Ⅳ Locate and delete malicious registry entries

Note: if you are not familiar with deleting system files and removing malicious link from web browser, you should try using auto-fix tool to avoid mistaken deletion and removal. If you still want to use the manual removal solution, you should back up all crucial data first.


Step ⅠDelete malicious links from web browsers
As the homepage is hijacked, you should delete the suspicious link completely. Not only homepage, you should check all settings one by one like start up page, search page, search engine and the new tab setting.

Google Chrome
Open homepage, click main settings icon at the top right corner, select settings option


Go to settings page and then click set pages under on start up section



Remove Queryexplorer.com from list by clicking “X” button



Click “OK” to save the deletion and close window



Continue clicking on change option under appearance section



Remove the suspicious link from list.



Click “OK” to save the change


Mozilla Firefox

Open the homepage of Firefox, click main icon at the top right corner. Select “options” from list



Remove the suspicious link from homepage section and then click restore to default button.



Internet Explorer

Open homepage of IE, click main settings menu and select internet options


Delete the suspicious link from homepage and click use default option and then click “OK” to save



Close this window

Step Ⅱ Reset web browsers settings to default (Optional)
Resetting web browser settings to default is not necessary if you find all web browsers are clean and you do not get the pop up on homepage once you open browser. But if this browser hijacker still keep popping up again and again after deleting malicious links, you should try resetting browser settings to default because you may miss some malicious link.

Google Chrome
Click main settings menu from homepage, select settings option


Scroll down the settings page, and click show advance settings


Down to the bottom and click reset settings


Click reset on the new window to confirm


Close all tabs once Chrome settings are reset to default


Mozilla Firefox

Click main settings menu on homepage, select tools option at the menu bar and choose Troublesshooting option


Click reset Firefox on the new tab


Click refresh Firefox again to confirm


Close all tabs once Firefox settings are restored to default

Internet Explorer
Click main settings button at the top right corner on homepage, select internet options


Click advanced option on internet options window

Click reset button


Then click reset again to continue



Close all tabs once IE settings are reset to default

Step Ⅲ Clear browser properties settings

Once a browser hijacker is added to browsers, it will also add its link to properties settings which users usually forgive checking.

Google Chrome
Right click on Chrome icon on desktop, select “properties” option


Remove the malicious link which is added after “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”



Do not forgive clicking OK to save



Mozilla Firefox
Right click on Mozilla Firefox icon on desktop, select “properties” option


Remove the malicious link which is added after “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”



Do not forgive clicking OK to save

Internet Explorer

Right click on Internet Explorer icon on desktop, select “properties” option


Remove the malicious link which is added after“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”



Do not forgive clicking OK to save



Step Ⅳ Locate and delete malicious registry entries

Click start icon and search “regedit” on search box


Click regedit.exe in search results, then the registry editor will pop up


Click “edit” and then select “find” option


Put Queryexplorer.com into search box and click “find next” to search related strings


Delete the strings found in results

Repeat the “find” and then “delete” step till no related string is found


Want to Remove Queryexplorer.com Quickly?

Compared to the automatic removal, the manual removal requires more time and effort, especially for computer beginner. It is better to use an effective removal tool. If you fail to remove the browser hijacker several times, you’d better follow the automatic removal tool. One of reasons why you fail is that the browser hijacker adds relevant codes and registry entries to your system. Thus, the fastest and most effective way to completely remove Queryexplorer.com is to download the auto-fix tool which can automatically scan all files and folders as well as registry entries on computer one by one within minutes.






The following video offers a complete guide for Queryexplorer.com removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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