How can I delete from IE completely? My IE homepage is controlled by this website and I can’t remove it successfully by changing the homepage settings. I checked the installed programs list and found nothing related to this website. I tried to clear the browser cookies and caches and run Windows Defender to perform a full scan but the virus is still there. I’m running out of ideas now. Is there any advice? Thanks in advance.


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What is the is a computer threat which enters users’ computers secretly and carries out many annoying tasks. Though it looks like a real search engine like other popular search engines, it doesn’t provide much useful information for computer users. It is a tool created by developers to sneak into users’ machines and increase traffic to its site unethically and display lots of advertisements. Once installed successfully on the PC, the redirect virus may display various pop-ups and lead to poor browser or even whole PC performance. This threat is able to access your data that is stored locally on the Pc and send the sensitive information to third parties. To protect the computer and your information, please remove at once you find it.




In addition, the infection is capable of altering the DNS settings and redirecting computer users to unsafe websites when they enter a url or search for information. It can make modifications on the system registry and perform malicious activities. It targets web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It may drop other malware like Trojans and steal your important for remote hackers without letting you know. You can use an automatic malware removal tool to fix the browser issues quickly. The tool can quickly scan your PC for all cyber threats and clear them all.


How Does Enter Your Computer?


The redirect virus could enter your computer in various ways. Very often, it spreads via free downloads, such as PDF Creators, Adobe Flash Players and Video Players. If you do not choose the Custom Installation mode when installing such free software on your computer, you may unwittingly allow the redirect virus to get installed on your machine as well. Also, this redirect virus can get into your computer by means of spam email attachments – it just hides in the attachments and sneaks into your system while you are opening the attachments.

Note: If you have such unwanted items installed on the computer carelessly when downloading and installing something but fail to delete the redirect virus by resetting the browser options, consider using a professional removal tool to detect and remove the infection quickly and fully.


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Behaviors of


  1. It sneaks into your computer without your knowledge.
  2. It modifies your browser settings and replaces your previous homepage with its own domain page.
  3. It may bring other malware like spyware, adware and Trojan to your computer.
  4. It decreases the browser performance and generates tons of pop-up ads.
  5. It monitors your online activities, records your online data and transmit them to its creators.

How to Remove Infection


Method 1: Remove the browser hijacker automatically by using SpyHunter.

Step 1: Click here to download SpyHunter setup file on your computer’s desktop. When the file had been downloaded, locate and double click on it.


Step 2: When a dialog box pops up as shown below, click on the Run button.



Step 3: Then, select your language and click OK.



Step 4: Click the CONTINUE button to go on.



Step 5: Choose “I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy”, and click the INSTALL button.



Step 6: Now SpyHunter is being installed on your PC.



Step 7: Once the installation finishes, click EXIT.



Step 8: SpyHunter will automatically run on your PC. Now click the Scan Computer Now button to make it thoroughly scan your system.



Step 9: Once the scanning is done, you see all detected threats in a list. To remove them all, just click the Fix Threats button.



Step 9: To make the removal completed, restart your PC.


Method 2: Manually remove the browser hijacker by completing the steps below.


Remove from Internet Explorer

Press Alt+X.

Go to Manage add-ons


Go to the Toolbars and Extensions tab and stop the unwanted add-ons


Go to Search Providers and remove the unwanted search providers.


Press Alt + X and open Internet Options.




Go to the General tab and change your home page.


Click OK.

Remove from Google Chrome:

  1. Press Alt+F, then go to the Extensions tab and remove the extensions you do not want to use.
  2. Go to “Settings” and from “On Startup” choose “Open a page or a set of pages”.click-settings
  3. Go to “Set pages” and choose a new home page, then click
  4. From the Search tab, go to Manage
  5. Replace the current search provider with a new one.
  6. Choose “Done” and restart your browser.

Remove from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+A and go to “ Add-ons Manager”.
  2. Go to “Extensions” and remove the add-ons you do not want to use.firefox-extensions
  3. Press Alt+T and go to “Options”.firefox-options
  4. Go to the tab “General” and choose a new home page, then close the page.remove-malicious-homepage-link-from-firefox
  5. Click on the Search tab icon on the left panel and select the desired search engine under Default Search Engine.change-your-default-search-engine-in-firefox
  6. Go to “One-click search engines” and remove the unwanted search providers.remove-search-engine-firefox


Recommendations to Protect Your PC from Infection


  • Pay Attention on Strange Pop-ups – Keep in mind that malware can hide itself inside various websites or infected files. It is easy to get infected whatever you click on pop-up ads intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Scan the Whole System Regularly – It is wise to often scan and update your system to ensure all installed programs work normal. Because some strange or malicious programs may get installed automatically on your computer when surf the Internet.
  • Download Third-Party Software from Official Website – Use powerful system security tool on your computer. It not only can help you scan your entire system, but can help you delete the threat and prevent potential threats on your computer.


What the most important is never trust redirect virus, which is able to play tricks to careless users and helps its creator earn great profits. Some related departments have already reminded users of keep away from being cheated by the ransom-ware. Unluckily, many users are still scammed by the infection, because their systems are blocked and antivirus programs don’t work to detect the threat. Computer users should leave out any false warnings from the infection and remove it from their computer with a professional malware removal tool as soon as possible.


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