What will you feel when you suddenly find the homepage of Google Chrome, Firefox or IE is changed to Need4search.com? Do you know how to reset your homepage and search engine when both of them are changed to this unknown website? According to the report, this is a new browser hijacker which hijack web browsers on user’s computer. Some of victims even do not know how and when does this website change homepage. To learn the information about it, please read more.



What is Need4search.com

Need4search.com is a new browser hijacker which is just found on many computers all around the world. Users all get confused at tines once any new web page is set as homepage without permission. When users prolonged periods of being hijacked can cause users to feel that the computers are stuck in a never ending web of dangers. To those who are currently stuck by this browser hijacker, the first thing to do may be learn the basic information about this site and try to figure out the way it comes to computer. As a browser hijacker, this page will undoubtedly change browser settings to its domain. When any one of your web browser is hijacked, you will be easy to get stuck in a web of promotional search results, pop up ads that appear to have no end and no beginning. To make it clear, start focusing on what this browser hijacker will do to web browser settings. When it is downloaded, with or without notice, it begins changing the default browser settings, such as homepage, search page, start up page and search engine. When it does this, it will automatically weaken the security of web browser as some adware, browser hijacker, malware and other threats will make use of the changes to sneak onto computer silently without being known.



When go to the main page of Need4search.com, we can clearly find that the search engine of it is Trovi search which is a nasty search engine reported by many computer users. When click on any other page from this site like “terms of use” and “about” pages, all of them will be redirected to Trovi search. It means that, even this site is Need4search.com. Its search engine is Trovi search. To be more detailed, all the search results are provided by Trovi, no one can make sure whether they are safe. By setting the default search engine to Trovi search, this browser hijacker is able to force you to use this engine once you want to search things on the internet. What is more, you are more likely to be redirected to unwanted websites that contain threats once you click on the results provided by this sire. Your browsing may not be enhanced but interrupted instead. When you try to reset the settings back to what you want, you may fail as it can come back again and again.





Once any new program is installed on computer, it will show its policy or related use of terms that contain what additional items and program swill be added. The change of homepage is usually a sign that more threats will take changes to hacker your computer before you completely take back control of your web browsers. And that is the reason why, when a computer is attacked by a browser hijacker, some other troubles will continue appear one by one. To accurately say that you can notice the installation or infection of browser hijacker at the beginning would be a very rare situation as the installation of it is invisible. Maybe it has completely installed after you click on some pop up ads or click any redirect link. Browser hijacker like this can be attached to every possible carrier that you can not imagine. If you do not know how does Need4search.com browser hijacker get inside your computer, focusing on its invasion is not going to make thinks better. Once you let go of your control of browsing and try to use this search page to search any information, you will be annoyed by fake search results and pop up ads which relate to what you search by using this search page. Either you find the exact way to reset search settings and stop random pop up ads and removing suspicious add-on from browser.



Why Does Need4search.com Hijack Web Browser?

Most nasty browser hijackers which try to change the homepage and search page to its domain, are trying to not only make changes on target computer but also want to collect personal information like search history, search keyword, browsing history and sensitive account details. Those personal details will be collected and sent to third party who may use them to show related pop up ads and make money. If you think browser hijacker is not going to attack computer system but web browsers only, then you will be wrong. Malware will take the change to get inside your computer by making use of this browser hijacker. Once hackers get remote control over computer, they are able to record all data on computer as everything is within their reach as long as they connect to computer system.browser-hijacker

Some browser hijackers are not always about changing browser settings. Rather, they are about redirecting browsing pages to insecure websites that may contain malware, threats, infections and ads. Then infected web browser will be entirely messes up. Do be concerned about web browser security, because all web browsers are the main tool that connect our computers to the internet and provide a window for us to see the world. Once you lose your control over web browser and browser hijackers take it, you should keep looking for effective solution to take control back as the nasty browser hijacker is ready, at any moment, to change all settings for other threats to get in.

Want to completely remove Need4search.com from computer? Try the following guides!

How to Remove Need4search.com

Note: the manual removal method below is not recommended to users who do not know about dealing with malicious registry entries as the manual removal requires certain manual skills. If you do not have the experience of deleting registry, you should not try removing Need4search.com by yourself but rely on auto-fix tools.

download spyhunter

Manual Removal Guides for PC Experts

Main steps:
Step one. Uninstall suspicious programs from computer
Step two. Change Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera settings
Step three. Reset web browsers settings to default (Optional)
Step four. Clear browser properties settings
Step five. Locate and delete malicious registry entries
Step six. Clean all traces and leftovers

Step one. Uninstall suspicious programs from computer
as many browser hijackers are downloaded along with other programs like PUPs, adware and unknown software from insecure websites, we should uninstall all possible carriers of this browser hijacker first. Does not like other program, browser hijacker is a threat that hijacks web browser, it does not have a build-in uninstaller even it may have a related program installed on computer.


Windows XP:
click Start and then click Control Panel.

Choose “add or remove programs” category


Note: If your computer is set up in Classic view using the more familiar Start menu, click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.control-panel-xp-2

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “remove”

Windows 7 or Vista:
Click the Start button, select Control Panel from the list in the right margin.win-7-control

Select “uninstall a program” optioncontrol-panel-7

Note: If your computer is set up in Classic view using the more familiar Start menu, type control in the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu and then click Control Panel when it appears in the list above.

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall”

Windows 8 or 8.1:
swipe up to switch to the Apps screen first, and then swipe or scroll to the right and find the Windows System categorywindows8_search-control-panel

Tap or click on the Control Panel icon under Windows System

Windows 8 will switch to the Desktop and open the Control Panel.uninstall-program-8

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall/change”

Windows 10:

Tap or click the Start button and then All apps.

Note: If you’re on a Windows 10 tablet or other touch-screen, and not using the Desktop, tap instead the All apps button on the bottom-left of your screen. It’s the icon that looks like the small list of items.programs-features-windows-10

Tap or click the Windows System folder. You’ll probably need to scroll all the way down the list of apps to see it.uninstall-10

Scan all programs and find the suspicious programs, select on which you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall”

Step two. Change Chrome, Firefox and IE settings
Google Chrome
Open homepage, click main settings icon at the top right corner, select settings optionsettings

Go to settings page and then click set pages under on start up sectionset pages

Remove Need4search.com from list by clicking “X” buttonset pages X

Click “OK” to save the deletion and close windowset pages ok

Continue clicking on change option under appearance sectionchange

Remove Need4search.com link from listchange X

Click “OK” to save the changechange ok

Mozilla Firefox

Open the homepage of Firefox, click main icon at the top right corner. Select “options” from listoptions

Remove Need4search.com link from homepage section and then click restore to default buttonrestore to default

Close this window

Internet Explorer

Open homepage of IE, click main settings menu and select internet optionsinternet opeions

Delete Need4search.com link from homepage and click use default option and then click “OK” to saveuse default

Step three. Reset web browsers settings to default (Optional)

Google Chrome
Click main settings menu from homepage, select settings optionsettings

Scroll down the settings page, and click show advance settingsshow advance settings

Down to the bottom and click reset settingsreset settings

Click reset on the new window to confirmreset

Close all tabs once Chrome settings are reset to default

Mozilla Firefox

Click main settings menu on homepage, select tools option at the menu bar and choose troublesshooting optiontrouble shooting

Click reset Firefox on the new tabreset firefox

Click refresh Firefox again to confirmreset firefox 2

Close all tabs once Firefox settings are restored to default

Internet Explorer
Click main settings button at the top right corner on homepage, select internet optionsinternet opeions

Click advance option on internet options windowadvance

Click reset button

Then click reset again to continuereset

Close all tabs once IE settings are reset to default

Step four. Clear browser properties settings
Google Chrome
Right click on Chrome icon on desktop, select “properties” option12

Remove the malicious link which is added after “C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe”GC properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save7

Mozilla Firefox
Right click on Mozilla Firefox icon on desktop, select “properties” option7

Remove the malicious link which is added after “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”ff properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save25

Internet Explorer

Right click on Internet Explorer icon on desktop, select “properties” option111

Remove the malicious link which is added after“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”ie properties

Do not forgive clicking OK to save3

Step five. Locate and delete malicious registry entries
Click start icon and search “regedit” on search box6

Click regedit.exe in search results, then the registry editor will pop up5

Click “edit” and then select “find” optionfind

Put Need4search.com into search box and click “find next” to search related stringsfind 2

Delete the strings found in results

Repeat the “find” and then “delete” step till no related string is found

Step six. Clean all traces and leftovers
When a browser hijacker is installed on computer, it usually adds some additional codes, files and folders on computer. Even you have uninstalled suspicious programs, reset browser settings and deleted registry, you can not make sure that there is no any hidden trace that you can not find is left on computer. Considering some hidden malicious traces are hidden on computer to damage your computer and spy on your activities, it does not take much of a stretch to notice a tool is needed to scan the entire system for computer security.

Click to download auto tool belwowdownload spyhunter

Follow the installation steps and completely install SpyHunter on computerrun

Run SpyHunter and scan the entire computer. It make take a few minutes if you have saved a large amount of programs and items on computer.Scan-Computer-Now

Click “Fix threats” to remove all malicious threatsFix-Threats

Note: You need to buy the full version of SpyHunter if you want to use it to remove threats.

Want to Completely Remove Need4search.com and Clean Computer?

If the manual removal does not take effect, you should download the removal tool below for auto removal. SpyHunter provides free scan for users to check how many potential unwanted programs, browser hijackers, adwaare, Trojan virus and other threats the computer have. After the free scan, it will list all threats in scan results. You can fix all these threats with only one click by clicking on “fix threats” button if you get the paid version.



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