Recently I’m always redirected to when I use Chrome browser and many unwanted websites show up. It’s annoying to be redirected to those unfamiliar websites but I can’t find any effective way to stop this. There is nothing weird in the homepage settings. I’ve cleaned my computer with McAfee and MSE and neither of them picked threats. I still get unwanted ads and encounter browser redirections whenever I start the browsers. Is there any suggestion? How can I fix this problem?


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What is is a redirect virus which can target all types of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc and make changes on their internet settings. Commonly, this redirect virus is associated with adware and distributed through third party software, p2p file sharing, malicious sites, spam email attachments and other deceptive ways. When you keep being redirected to this site and see constant ads, it’ possible that your computer has adware installed. Similar to, and, this threat may change the browser shortcuts and force users to visit its site every time they start the web browsers.




Usually, links you to some unwanted content web pages that you are not going to view. Those websites may contain harmful content that damage the system or violate your personal data. Avoid clicking on the pop-up ads in the third-party websites promoted by the redirect virus because they may mislead you into downloading adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs, resulting in poor computer performance.
Moreover, it may capture your personal information and crucial data for marketing or commercial purposes. To avoid identity theft and data loss, you are highly suggested to take immediate actions to get rid of from your computer.


Computer gets infected with Don’t know how to stop the browser redirection and remove the pop-up ads from browsers? Fail to find any suspicious program on your PC? Try using an specialized Removal Tool to easily and quickly get rid of the threats from the infected computer.



How Does Arrive on Your PC? can infiltrate the target machine by multiple channels. Typically, it is bundled with other third-party applications and gets installed on the machines unknowingly. When you download audio or video players, PDF converters, music, games and other free sources, you should ensure that it is safe to be downloaded. Always choose the Advanced/Custom installation rather than the Recommended/Express installation.
In addition, the redirect virus is able to hide itself inside junk emails, attachments, unknown links, pop-ups and coupons. No matter what you click on them intentionally or unintentionally, it can seize any opportunity to invade your computer. Your screen may often be filled with pop-up ads and security alerts which threaten you to purchase its products. Just ignore the fake alerts and download applications from official websites and keep your system updated.


How to Remove Completely

Manual removal steps are not recommended to those PC users who have no experience in dealing with computer problem. A simple mistake may cause the system dead permanently. Manual removal way requires uninstalling all the malicious programs and add-ons from computer. Then resetting your browsers to default settings to clear all browsing history related to It is quite complicated and time-consuming. For inexperienced computer users, using Malware Removal Tool will be the best choice.


Automatically Remove with SpyHunter (Recommended)


SpyHunter is a powerful anti-spyware/anti-malware application which specially designed to assist the average computer users in protecting their PC from malicious threats. With its advanced technology, SpyHunter can stay one step ahead of today’s malware threats. Once installed, the anti-malware program can deliver ongoing protection against the latest malware, adware, browser hijacker, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, worms, and malicious software. Although some stubborn malware programs try to avoid detection by anti-spyware/anti-virus programs through disguising as a regular program, SpyHunter can quickly identify and remove them within a few minutes. Download the excellent removal tool by clicking the button below.



Operating system: Windows 7/Vista/XP/8/10


After a dialog box pops up, click Run button.


Select a language you prefer and then click OK button.


Click on CONTINUE button to go on.


Select I accept the EULA and Privacy and Policy, and then click INSTALL button.


It will take a few minutes to install SpyHunter. Once installed successfully, please click Finish button.


Click “Scan Computer Now” to have a full scan of your system.


After finished scanning, click on the “Fix Threats” button to remove all detected threats. If necessary, you need to restart your computer after the removal.



Note: Free Scanner just helps to quickly detect all the potentially unwanted programs in your computer. To completely get rid of all the detected threats, you need to purchase the full version.



Step1. Uninstall all the malicious programs from Control Panel


For Windows 7/Vista


Click on Start button at the bottom left corner of the desktop and select Control Panel option.

Click on Uninstall a program under Programs category.

Search for any unwanted programs from the list of the installed programs and click Uninstall to remove them.


For Windows 8/10


Right-click Start button at the bottom left corner of the screen and click on select Programs and Features.

Select any suspicious programs and click Uninstall button to get rid of them.



For Windows XP


Click on Start button at the bottom left corner of the desktop and then select Control Panel.

Click Add or Remove Programs.

Look for any dubious programs and click Remove button.


Attention: After uninstalling all the malicious programs from Control Panel, please run a Malware Scanner to scan your PC. The removal tool will help you delete all the files, folders and registry entries left over by these malicious programs.


Step2. Remove unwanted extensions and add-ons from browsers.


It is important to perform this step. Many users don’t know that browser hijacker will install lots of annoying extensions and add-ons on your web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer once infected with it. To completely get rid of, you need to remove all the extensions that related to the infection.


Remove unwanted extensions from Internet Explorer


Click the Menu and select Manage add-ons. (Click Tools menu and choose the Manage Add-ons option.)


In the opened window, locate to the Toolbars and Extensions tab and remove all malicious extensions by clicking Disable button.



Remove unwanted add-ons from Mozilla Firefox


Click Firefox Menu and click Add-ons. (Or simultaneously press Ctrl+ Shift+ A to enter Add-ons window.)


Search for all the pernicious add-ons related to the browser hijacker and click Remove button to get rid of them.



Remove malicious extensions from Google Chrome


Open your Chrome browser, locate to the Menu and select More tools > Extensions.


In the opened window, look for all the vicious extensions and click recycle bin icon to delete them.




Step3. Reset browsers to default settings.


Reset Internet Explorer


Start the Internet Explorer. Click the Menu and select Internet options. (Click Tools option and select Internet Options.)


In the opened window, click Advanced tab and click Reset button.


After a window pops up, check Delete personal settings and click Reset button.


After a new window appears, click Close button.



Reset Mozilla Firefox


Launch your Firefox browser, locate to the Menu and click the Help icon.


Select Troubleshooting Information.


Click Reset Firefox button to reset Firefox to its default settings.


In the conformation dialog box, click Refresh Firefox button.

Reset Google Chrome


Open Chrome browser, locate to the Menu and select Settings.


Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings window, click Show advanced settings.


After that, keep scrolling down to the bottom and click Reset settings button.


After a dialog box pops up, click Reset button to restore your browser settings.




How to Protect Your PC from


  • Install a reputable antivirus program and keep it updated – The antivirus software should be up-to-date so as to safeguard the system against various new virus infections.
  • Keep a good Firewall on your PC – The firewall is able to serve as a protective barrier to block malicious programs from the Internet or suspicious network connections. It can effectively prevent the cyber attacks and virus infections.
  • Keep the system updated – Make sure all the software within your system and your Windows operating system are the newest versions and this can reduce the computer vulnerabilities.
  • Be careful when you open unknown emails or click on unidentified links for they may contain malware.
  • Never visit malicious websites and don’t download pirated software.
  • Keep your passwords strong and set the browser security settings to higher level. Keep away your browser from such annoying browser hijacker.


Friendly Reminder:


Keep being redirected to indicates that your computer has been infected with adware or other potentially unwanted programs. You need to find out the culprit and delete it from the PC completely to stop those annoying browser pop-up ads. However, sometimes the redirect virus doesn’t create an entry in the installed programs list and it’s impossible for you to remove it from Windows easily. Under the circumstances, a professional malware removal tool is necessary.


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