What is Plusnetwork.com? This website keeps popping up on my Chrome browser. At first I thought I carelessly clicked somewhere, which causing its appearance. But I was wrong. It seems that this website has been set as my default homepage and will pop up each time I start the browser. I have checked the homepage setting and did find it there. I deleted it then. But the weird thing is that, after I restart the web browser, it repeared! I have tried to remove it from the browser several times; however, it came back again and again. Why can this happen? What can I do to remove this website for good? Please help me!

Recently, most users reflect that Plusnetwork.com hijacks their web browsers and keeps redirecting them to its own domain page. If you are one among them, you can follow the removal guide given in this article to remove it effectively. If you have no time or patience to read through this article, you can automatically removae Plusnetwork.com by using an exclusive malware removal tool provided below.



What Is Plusnetwork.com?

Plusnetwork.com is known as a harmful browser hijacker that usually pretends to be a normal website with a search box for you to search the Internet and get abundant online resources. Many inexperienced computer users may consider it as a legitimate search site at the first sight; however, it is a risky site designed to redirect users’ search results to unwanted websites. Its main objective is to help boost website traffic and generate advertising revenue. When installed on your PC, this browser hijacker will modify your homepage to its own page without asking your permission. Consequently, you will go to this website http://www.plusnetwork.com every time you start the browser. The website usually offers a search box for you to search the Internet and also displays ransom advertisements on the page. Below is a screenshot showing how you web browser looks when infected.


To prevent you from resetting the homepage back to your preferred one, it will add its website address to your Windows registry and browser’s shortcut. By doing so, even though you remove its website address from the Home Page field, the Plusnetwork.com page still can pop up on your browser. This is the reason why so many victims fail to completely remove the unwanted website from their browsers.


How Can Plusnetwork.com Get into Your PC?

Cyber hackers use various ways to distribute Plusnetwork.com. One of the most common ways in which the browser hijacker gets into your computer is by bundled with third-party software, especially that can be free downloaded from the Internet. Most freeware often contains installers of other programs and you won’t be told about this. The installation of Plusnetwork.com could happen when you install a piece of infected free software on your PC without choosing the Custom installation mode, and checking if there are additional programs being selected by default. In addition, this browser hijacker could get installed on your PC when you open junk email attachments, visit malicious websites or click on suspicious popup ads. You would never though that you would unluckily download this browser hijacker on your PC in above mentioned ways. However, it is true. To be avoid getting infected by malware like Plusnetwork.com, you need to be very careful when surfing online.


Behaviors of Plusnetwork.com

  1. It makes changes to your browser settings and alters DNS settings without any consent.
  2. It displays random advertisements on the web pages you are visiting.
  3. It redirects your search results to various unwanted websites.
  4. It spies on your online activities and record your online data.
  5. It may bring other types of malware to your PC.
  6. It consumes your system resources and reduces the computer speed.


Attention: If you unluckily get infected with this browser hijacker, it is highly recommended that you take immediate action to get rid of it from your PC so as to avoid unwanted problems such as slow PC performance, search result redirection, annoying ads popping up and personal information theft. To quickly and effectively delete Plusnetwork.com, you can download and use a powerful malware removal tool which can automatically clean all traces of the browser hijacker within several simple steps.



How to Remove Plusnetwork.com Completely?

A browser hijacker can be completely removed only after you clean all its traces from your PC. Now you can follow the guide given below to perform the removal of Plusnetwork.com. But please note that the manual removal is not for inexperienced computer users, since it involves deletion of files and registry entries, which is a rather complicated and risky task. Any wrong operation could lead to severe problems to your computer system. For the novice users, using a professionla malware removal tool should be a better option.

Method 1: Remove the browser hijacker automatically by using SpyHunter.

What is SpyHunter?
SpyHunter is a powerful malware removal tool which can detect and remove different kinds of threats from your computer without causing any side-effect. It can thoroughly scan your entire system and delete all the found threats completely within a few simple steps. It is available in a free version and a paid version. The free version only supports the detection of malware threats; the paid version is fully functional and you can access all features it offers, inlcuding malware blocking, malware detection, malware removal, daily updates, free tech support, etc.

Now you can follow the steps below to download and install SpyHunter, and then run it to remove the nasty browser hijacker from your PC.

Step 1: Click here to download SpyHunter setup file on your computer’s desktop. When the file had been downloaded, locate and double click on it.



Step 2: When a dialog box pops up as shown below, click on the Run button.



Step 3: Then, select your language and click OK.



Step 4: Click the CONTINUE button to go on.



Step 5: Choose “I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy”, and click the INSTALL button.



Step 6: Now SpyHunter is being installed on your PC.



Step 7: Once the installation finishes, click EXIT.



Step 8: SpyHunter will automatically run on your PC. Now click the Scan Computer Now button to make it thoroughly scan your system.



Step 9: Once the scanning is done, you see all detected threats in a list. To remove them all, just click the Fix Threats button.



Step 9: To make the removal completed, restart your PC.


Method 2: Manually remove the browser hijacker by completing the steps below.

Important Note: We don’t recommend using the the manual removal method, if you are a less experienced computer user. But if you persist in manually removing the browser hijacker, you need to be very careful. Don’t recklessly delete any file or entries which you are not sure. Some mistaken operation could make your computer get damaged. For the safety reason, using an automatic tool to clean the browser hijacker is highly recommended.


Step 1: Remove the browser hijacker related programs.

Click Start and choose Control Panel.


Under Programs, click on Uninstall a Program.


Then, a window will pop up and you will see all programs installed on your PC. Check if there is any program related to Plusnetwork.com; if there is, select it and click Uninstall.



If you are a Windows XP users:

Click the Start button, and click Control Panel. In the pop-up window, click the Add or Remove Programs. Look for the suspicous program, highlight it and click on the Remove button.



If you are a Windows 8 users:

Move the mouse cursor to the left bottom of your computer screen. When the Window 8 menu icon appears, right click on it and click Programs and Features. In the popup window that shows all your installed programs, look for if there is any program related to the browser hijacker; if there is, click it and and then click on the Uninstall button.

Step 2: Show all hidden files and folders.

Click on Start menu and select Control Panel option. Then, click on the Appearance and Personalization link.



Under Folder Option, click Show hidden files and folders section.


In the popup window, choose the Show hidden files, folders, and drives, unchek the Hide Protected operating system files (Recommended) and click OK.


Step 3: Delete all malicous files from your computer.

Open the local disk C, and navigate to the the following folders to find if there are any malicious files. If there are, delete them.

%Program Files%\Internet Explorer\
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\

You can also use the search function to search for the browser hijacker’s related files or folders.



Step 4: Delete all malicious registry entries, keys and values related to Plusnetwork.com.

Press the Windows key + R key together. A command box will open. Type regedit into the box and click OK.


When the Registry Editor is opened, click on Edit and then Find in the Windows Registry Editor.


Type the browser hijacker’s name into the Find what field, and cllick Find Next. If you find any registry entries, keys and values related to the browser hijacker, delete them completely (Note: you can use the F3 key to repeat the searching operation until you delete all related entries).



Step 5: Remove the browser hijacker your affected browsers.

For Internet Explorer:
Click on the Tools menu and then select Internet options.


Under the General tab, remove the unwanted website URL from the Home page box. Type the website URL you like, click on Apply and then click OK.


Click on Tools menu again, and select the Manage Add-ons this time.


In the opened window, click Search Providers. On the right side of the window, you will find all search engines installed on your web browser. Select the unwanted one, and click the Disable button.



Mozilla Firefox:
Click on the firefox menu icon and select Options.


Under General, remove the unwanted website URL from the Home Page field. Then you can type a website address you like into the box.


Now click on the Search icon on the left side. If the default search engine is not the one you like, you can click the dropdown icon to choose and reset the default search engine.


Under One-click search engines, highlight the search engine you don’t want, and click the Remove button to delete it from your web browser.



Google Chrome:

Click on the Google Chrome menu icon and select Settings.

Under On startup, click Set pages.


Then, remove the unwanted website URL and set your favorite website as the startup page.


Under Appearance tab, tick the Show Home button, and click on Change.


Click on Open this page, delete the unwanted website URL, enter the website URL you prefer, and then click OK.


Go back to the Settings page, locate the Search area and click on Manage search engines…


In the popup window, check if there is an unknown search engine as been set as the defaul. If so, you need to first make your favarite search engine as default. Then, highlight the unwanted one, and delete it by clicking on the X icon. Finally, click on Done.


To sum up, Plusnetwork.com belongs to the browser hijacker category. It has the ability to automatically alter your default homepage and search engine as its own without asking your approval. Like other browser hijackers, it forces you to get access to unwanted websites and generates a lot of advertisements on your web page, in order to help its developers earn money. Most of time, it spreads though bundling with free downloads, suspicious popup ads, malicious websites and spam email attachments. Once installed on your PC, this browser hijacker can perform a sort of unwanted things and cause various problems like browser redirections, annoying ads popping up, browser running slowly and even personal information being stolen. Hence, it is strongly suggested that you get rid of Plusnetwork.com from your PC without any delay.

However, this browser hijacker cannot be removed easily, even though you have deleted it from all your web browsers. It has some malicious files injected into your system, which can help it return to your PC again and again. To permanently remove Plusnetwork.com, you need to clean all its malicious codes, files and entries from your computer system. The wisest choice to deal with such stubborn threat is to download a trustworthy and powerful malware removal tool which can help you find out all the malicious files and removal all of them at once automatically.


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