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okpckit.com provides useful articles and suggestions for how to remove browser hijackers and other malware. Recently, browser hijackers have become a headache for many computer users. Though browser hijackers are not as severe as other malware infections like Trojans, worms, ransomware and keyloggers, they should be removed from machines as soon as possible. Most browser hijackers are designed to tamper with users’ browser settings and display advertising so that their developers will get paid. Potentially unwanted programs like browser hijackers won’t damage or steal your files. However, once your computer is infected, they may redirect you to a certain page or other unwanted advertising pages and insert lots of advertisements into the web pages you visit, which is quite annoying. Thus, we create this blog with the purpose of providing helpful methods of removing such nasty.


It’s easy to get infected with browser hijackers when surfing the Internet. These unwanted items can be bundled with other freeware and get installed as a part of free programs. Usually, the browser hijackers can be declined to install by unselecting the checkboxes that allow them to install during freeware installation process. But users who install software in a hurry may pay no attention to the process and have the unwanted programs installed unintentionally or unwittingly.


teamOur team consists of over 10 experienced and professional computer technicians. We know clearly how such unwanted programs arrive on the PC and what’s the effective way to get rid of them completely. In the blog, we show both how to manually remove various browser hijackers and use anti-malware programs to automatically clean up the threats. This applies to Windows operating systems including Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and 10. okpckit.com also gives advice on how to prevent your computer from being infected by such unwanted programs. In this blog, you’ll get a solution you are looking for.


Follow the guide in provided in our articles and browser hijackers should be removed completely. If the manual methods fail, try the anti-malware programs for help. We will keep updating high-quality and trustworthy articles in our blog regularly and in the hope of helping computer users who have a problem with browser hijackers or other malware solve their problems effectively.

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